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But I don't want to go to sleep; in all my dreams, I drown.

I'm begging you please wake me up

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Historically, defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. The word comes from the Latin de (from; out of) and fenestra (window). Historically, the word defenestration was used to refer to an act of political dissent.

In the book of 2 Kings in the Bible, Jezebel is defenestrated by her own servants at the urging of Jehu.

I'm the artist formerly known as nuit, thunder_cunt, vomitcock, and sarahbellum.

♥ 33
♥ geek of many trades (music, SNES, D&D, lit)
♥ consumer of media (Hannibal, Metalocalypse, Boys Before Flowers, PGSM, Hellraiser, other various horror franchises)
♥ BA - English (I'm useless!) / woring on MS - Psych
♥ feminist bisexual liberal weirdo (yay organic shampoo!)
♥ cat lady (Herrmann, Squee, Batman: The Cat, Isolde)

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♥ 16 bit, albert fish, apocalyptica, aqua teen hunger force, atton rand, atton/exile, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, blood eagle, boing!, bone saws, bret easton ellis, bubble tea, canada, carpal tunnel syndrome, chan-wook park, charlie kaufman, chuck taylors, clive barker, coupling, d&d, david cross, dictionaries, earthbound, ed gein, eddie izzard, elvis costello, eternal darkness: sanity's requiem, final fantasy, firefly, fishnets, flaying, forgotten realms, funk #49, future spinsterhood, g-spot orgasms, gay marriage, george carlin, girls with hips, glasses, gore whore, gun porn, hellraiser, hellsing, hey! hey! listen!, hitachi magic wand, hockey, iain banks, id, insomnia, introspection, invader zim, irony, jason voorhees, kaizers orchestra, kitagawa keiko, kotor, lord gooshington, loud noises, ludivine sagnier, m.i.a., manly manly buttsex, margaret cho, massages, mountain dew, moxy früvous, mr. blonde, murder ballads, muse, my mei-mei, nick cave, nurturing a bad mood, old scars, pretty guardian sailor moon, pro-choice, pro-porn, queer-friendly, quirkyalone, robert browning, roleplaying, sailor mars, seasonal fetishes, serenity, shagrath, sifl and olly, skullfucking, snark, soy milk, spontaneous geeky erections, sternum rattlingly loud music, stewart o'nan, stomach butterflies, straddling gender lines, suit kink, super nes, the keeper, the saw is family, therapy?, they might be giants, tokyo gore police, tom robbins, toronto maple leafs, triops, typistry whore, unfortunate ejaculation, warmth, yamamura sadako,
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